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Read Coco & Bisque's rescue stories here

This year's CAToberfest poster features the stunning artwork of PawsWithCause Artist Rachel Woodruff.  Rachel is an avid fan of the Marvel Universe in which there is an event where the heroes get "blipped" by the Villans. As she thinks about the lives of abandoned and forgotten animals, Rachel believes their lives should not be handled callously. The outcomes of being cared for are lifechanging. Her imagery for Coco is that the left side is Coco in a life in which she is not saved. The right side is the love, care and intervention of humans making that "Cat-astrophic" change for Coco, gifting her life instead of blipping her and forgetting her. 

Coco's Story

4/6/23 - Coco and her siblings were born to a feral mom safely indoors with South County Cats. Their foster mom began handling and socializing them at every opportunity, especially when they started to wobble out to the sound of her voice. "It was so rewarding to start these kittens out on a path to loving, adoptive homes."

4/26/23 - Coco went on a "field trip" to Mud Bay -Fairwood to purchase a snuggle bed for some photo ops. Of course everyone fell in love with her, especially Maxx!

5/12/23 - When they were 5 weeks old, their beautiful feral  mama Blackie was spayed and returned to her home. The weaned kittens then moved on to a new South County Cats' foster home.

5/30/23 - We received an adoption application from Mud Bay staffer Maxx.  Coco had stolen Maxx's heart. It would be a couple weeks before Coco was big enough for spay and adoption, but Maxx and Eden were willing to wait.

6/16/23 - Coco, now "Winnie," joined her "sister" Zoomie in her new forever home.

9/12/23 - "Here is an update on little miss Winnie (Coco) she has grown so much since we got her a few months back she is now a whopping 5 pounds. She has gotten along with our senior resident cat Zoomie really well. Her and Winnie play all day long terrorizing us with zoomies into the late hours of the night but finally crash into a bed with us when they lose steam. She is a wonderful addition to our family, thank you for finding her for us." 


We chose “Coco” as a featured rescue kitten because she is a beautiful tortoiseshell kitty and has a important rescue story. Had we not captured her mama in time, Coco and her siblings would be feral.

9/7/23 -Update on feral mama kitty "Blackie," aka "Mama Houdini" for her escape from her recovery cage. "Mama Houdini comes every single night without fail. All I do is call her right at dusk and she comes running and eats a ton.  She looks good and her hair looks good, actually brushed out."

Bisque is from a litter of four that came to us in April as part of our Mom’s Last Litter program. Their mama was a stray that a kind person took in.  Their caretaker realized that their full-time work schedule didn’t allow them to give the kitty family the attention they needed. They reached out to South County Cats for assistance with socializing, weaning, and, of course, spay/neuter and adoption of the kittens. So mama and kittens came to us and were fostered by our volunteer Linda. Each litter gets a name, and this litter became the “Soup Kittens” – Chowder, Minestrone, Bisque and Gumbo. Originally there was a Stewie, but coincidently we also had a “Family Guy” litter at the time and one of the kittens was “Stewie.”

The Soup Kittens had a busy schedule, making two appearances at Toddler Tuesday at Infinity Farm, where they made lots of friends. When the kittens were weaned their mama was spayed and returned to her owner. The kittens continued to grow, and were spayed and adopted. Bisque was renamed Bella and is living her best life in her forever home, who reports, “Bella has been the perfect addition to our family. She loves snuggles & cuddles. She has been more playful with Wally each day. He grooms her regularly and keeps an eye on her as she explores every part of the house. He even showed her how to climb the cat tree. He would climb to a flat surface, then wait for her, then climb higher and wait for her. It was so sweet! She loves sleeping on us! Even our boys love her snuggles!” 

We chose Bisque for our CAToberfest poster because of her cute face and she looks like she could jump right off the page and into your arms! South County Cats was able to provide assistance for Bisque and her siblings and they were Mom’s Last Litter.

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